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Active Shooter/Active Threat Response Preparation and Training (webinar)

Active Shooter/Active Threat Response Preparation and Training (1 hour, 30 minutes)

Summary: This webinar provides valuable lessons on training for active-shooter and other threatening situations as well as insight on conducting multi-agency and multi-discipline exercises, offering suggestions on necessary equipment and reviewing the recovery process from an active-shooter event.

Jerry Rhodes, Fire Chief, Cunningham Fire Protect District (CO) and IAFC Board Member, Missouri Valley Division, International Director
Steve Binks, Impact Team Sergeant, Hostage Negotiation Team, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office (CO)
E. Reed Smith, MD, FACEP, Operational Medical Director for the Arlington County (VA) Fire Department and associate professor, Department of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University
Scott Wanek, Corporal, Arlington County Police Department (VA)
Dave Mitchell, EMS Chief, Arvada Fire Protection District (CO)
Rachelle Miller, Program Analyst, North Central All-Hazards Region (CO)
Jay Ruoff, Operations Division Chief, Littleton Fire Rescue (CO), Everyone Goes Home Instructor

Live webinar conducted July 21, 2015

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