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FLSS Resources

In support of its mission, the FLSS produces and gathers resources to reduce injury, life loss and property loss by advancing the field of fire prevention and life safety.

Fire Service Voting Guide 

The FLSS urges fire service members to increase their participation in the International Code Councils (ICC) code development process. The FLSS has analyzed ICC code proposals and public comments and has developed voters guides with recommendations on proposed changes that impact the safety of emergency responders and citizens in our communities. The following voting guides are intended to provide the fire service with information so they make more informed decisions during the code development process.


FLSS Technical Resources

Alarms and Detectors

Lightweight Construction

Public Education




FLSS contributes to reducing injury, life loss and property loss by researching fire prevention and life safety issues and developing positions for review by the IAFC. The IAFC has adopted positions on fireworks, residential fire sprinklers, alarms and detectors, lightweight construction and more.

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