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EMS Section Podcasts

Fully Involved is a monthly podcast sponsored by the IAFC EMS Section for fire and EMS professionals. Each month, hot topics, news and current events affecting fire and EMS will be discussed by leading professionals in the field. Check out the latest episode in the player and archives below.

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Current Episode

Episode 18: A Sneak Peek: Fire-Rescue Med 2012
Audio: 29:06 minutes
Summary: In this edition of Fully Involved, Chief Norris Croom talks with Bruce Evans, Fire-Rescue Med Program Planning Committee Member, about the sessions, speakers, and benefits of attending Fire-Rescue Med. Hear about timely topics, emerging technologies and the pre-conference that Chief Evans is presenting on the NAEMT Safety Program. Fire Rescue Med 2012 Real Issues. Real Solutions."

Previous Episodes

Episode 17: Mass Casualty Incidents
27:59 minutes
Summary: In this edition of Fully Involved, guest host Chief Mike Carter speaks with Henrico County Division of Fire Battalion Chief and National EMS Instructor Lloyd Runnett on mass casualty incidents. They discuss the importance of training, recent real life events and what is happening at the regional and national level as it pertains to this important topic.

Episode 16: OnStar Technology and the Fire and EMS Community
35:13 minutes
Summary: In this edition of Fully Involved, Chief Gary Ludwig talks with OnStar representatives George Baker and Cathy McCormick about the latest OnStar technology that impacts the fire and EMS community. Hear how OnStar technology can now predict injuries after an automobile crash has occurred and how EMD and pre-arrival instructions are now the standard for OnStar operators. General Motors’ battery-operated Chevy Volt car is also discussed and how rescue personnel should be familiar with its components when performing extrication.

Episode 15: Response to Rep. Giffords Shooting in Tucson
36:02 minutes
Summary: In this episode of EMS Fully Involved, Northwest Fire Protection District (Tucson, AZ) Battalion Chief Brad Bradley joins host Chief Gary Ludwig for a discussion of the emergency response to the January 2011 shooting where U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and constituents were shot and six were killed.

Episode 14: CAAS Accreditation
32:07 minutes
Summary: This discussion with Assistant Chief Todd Leduc, Broward County, FL takes a look inside the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) Accreditation process and the benefits of accrediting your organization.

Episode 13: A Look Inside the Office of Health Affairs
21:39 minutes
Summary: Fully Involved is back for 2011! This episode takes an in-depth look at the many facets and roles that the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Health Affairs (OHA) plays. Tune in with host Chief Michael Carter and guest Rick Patrick from the OHA.

Episode 12: Chief Medical Officer Accreditation
41:24 minutes
Summary:The credentialing of chief medical officers is now the latest opportunity to demonstrate professionalism in the EMS profession. In this podcast, Gary Ludwig hosts a panel discussion on the Chief Medical Officer accreditation with Skip Kirkwood, EMS Chief of Wake County and Paul Brooks, Executive Director and Debbie Sobotka, both from the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Special Episode: Surviving the Economic Storm
27:08 minutes
Summary: In this special edition of Fully Involved, guest host Mary Beth Michos, Deputy Director of the IAFC, talks with Chief Rob Brown, Chair of the IAFC's Economic Task Force, and Chief Al Gillespie, Second Vice President of the IAFC, on the economic challenges facing fire and EMS agencies.

Episode 11: Big Picture EMS Issues
30:47 minutes
Summary: Tune in this month as guest host Chief John Sinclair, while on location at Fire Rescue Med 2010, discusses big picture EMS issues with IAFC President and Chairman of the Board Chief Jeff Johnson.

Episode 10: EMS Resource Deployment Study
26:47 minutes
Summary: This month, Chief Ludwig speaks with Dr. Lori Moore-Merill about a very progressive and first of its kind study on EMS deployment. You don't want to miss this!

Episode 9: FRM 2010 Sneak Peek: Leadership Academy
30:03 minutes
Summary: This month, Chief Ludwig talks with Chief Mike Metro of Los Angeles County Fire Department about the upcoming Leadership Academy he'll facilitate at Fire-Rescue Med and the benefits of attending the FRM Conference.

Episode 8: FRM 2010 Sneak Peek: New Info on Infectious Disease
34:25 minutes
Summary: Infectious disease is one of the silent killers for EMS professionals. Katherine West, an expert in the field of infectious disease, speaks about what she will be presenting at Fire-Rescue Med 2010, as well as important information including a new Hepatitis C vaccine coming out soon and other current issues impacting EMS and infectious disease.

Episode 7: Quality Management and Improvement
39:38 minutes
Summary: Chief Gary Ludwig discusses EMS quality improvement programs with Lt. James Logan of the Memphis (TN) Fire Department and Ryan Lewis, Chief Clinical Coordinator of the Wake County (NC) EMS system. The discussion centers on how quality improvement programs are managed, as well as best practices and an innovative approach to successfully operating an EMS quality improvement program.

Episode 6: Hollywood and the Fire-EMS Service
40:31 minutes
Summary: Chiefs Gary Ludwig, Norris Croom, Michael Carter and Sebastian Wong discuss how Hollywood portrays EMS, including the newly released television show Trauma and made-for-screen movies, the impact this entertainment has on the fire and EMS profession, and how citizens might react to these portrayals.

Episode 5: Fire and EMS Education at the National Fire Academy
40:09 minutes
Summary: Chief Gary Ludwig interviews Dr. Denis Onieal, superintendent at the National Fire Academy, on the new and exciting changes that are impacting fire and EMS education at the National Fire Academy. Listen in as Dr. Onieal describes classes currently under development, how to apply, who is eligible to attend the National Fire Academy, plus other information.

Episode 4: Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions
29:11 minutes
Summary: In this episode, Chief Ludwig interviews Dr. George Hatch with the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Service Professions (CoAEMSP). Tune in to hear their discussion about CoAEMSP, the importance of accreditation and how it will affect paramedic educational programs.

Episode 3: DC Metro Train Mass Casualty Incident
52:18 minutes
Summary: Chief Gary Ludwig, IAFC EMS Section Chair, interviews Fire Chief Dennis Rubin, Dr. James Augustine and Chief Billy Hayes, all of the D.C. Fire and EMS Department on the department's response to the recent Metro train crash in Washington, D.C. The interview covers the department's method of weekly planning and training for multi-casualty events, the response to the crash, the recovery after the event and lessons learned.

Episode 2: EMS Education Standards
40:56 minutes
Summary: Chief Gary Ludwig, IAFC EMS Section Chair, interviews Debra Cason, project director for the National EMS Education Standards development, and Dan Manz, State EMS Director for Vermont and chairperson responsible for implementing the National EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach. The interview covers how the new EMS education standards were developed and how they will be implemented. These new standards will be rolled out over the next several years and will impact new EMS providers, as well as those who are currently emergency medical responders, EMTs and paramedics.

Emergency! actor Randolph Mantooth speaks at a press conference at FRMEpisode 1: A Guide for Best Practices, Introduction to NFPA 1584 (2008 Standards)
34.11 minutes
Summary: Chief Gary Ludwig, EMS Section Chair, interviews EMS educator and author Dr. Bryan Bledsoe and actor Randolph Mantooth, who played Johnny Gage of the television show Emergency! on the release of the new book A Guide for Best Practices, Introduction to NFPA 1584 (2008 Standards).

The book, which will be sent free to all IAFC members, details best practices and procedures for the rehabilitation and medical monitoring of firefighters during an operation based on the new NFPA 1584 standards released in 2008.

Dr. Bledsoe discusses issues surrounding firefighter rehab and monitoring, including hydration, cooling, and the dangers and monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in firefighters. Randy Mantooth laments on his near-death experience from carbon monoxide, some of his experiences from the television show Emergency! and his mission to make sure firefighters go home at the end of their shift.

Thank you to Barry Hickerson and Masimo, Dr. Bryan Bledsoe, and Randolph Mantooth for their participation in the creation of this podcast.


Thank you to the EMS Section Communications Committee, specifically Assistant Chief Michael Deckard, Cecil County Department of Emergency Services, MD; EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy, Saratoga County, NY; Assistant Fire Chief Mark Correira, Edmonds Fire Department, WA, Washington State Fire Chiefs Association EMS Section Chair; EMS Chief Michael Carter, Currituck County, NC; Battalion Chief Timothy Heiser, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, FL. The EMS Section also thanks DJ Travis Dylan from WCDG Cool 92.1 FM in Norfolk, Virginia, for his work on Fully Involved.