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e-learning opportunities encompass many different forms of technology-enhanced learning. e-learning participants benefit from a collaborative learning experience that accommodates all three distinct learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) within a globally dispersed audience. Along with a reduced learning time, a collaborative learning environment and individualized learning, e-learning offers on-demand availability, self-pacing, interactivity and continued reference.

IAFC e-learning Opportunities


Upcoming IAFC webinars

IAFC webinar library

VCOS webinar library

IAFC Academy

Propane Emergencies Online Training Program


Volunteer and Combination Officers Section

EMS Fully Involved

SHS/Near-Miss After Action Podcast Series


IAFCtv is your official online resource providing in-depth video content focused on the latest developments, trends and issues in today's fire and emergency services.

IAFC On Demand

IAFC On Demand is a digital library with hours of educational sessions from FRI. These sessions address a variety of leadership and management topics that are relevant all year round. Gain valuable skills and information from the comfort of your home or office.

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