FRI Transcript

New Procedures

Attendees will not be scanned at individual educational sessions in order to receive credit for attendance. Attendees will be provided with a unique Validation Code from the presenter for each session they attend.

Then, attendees should:

  • Go to the transcript validation link
  • Enter email address and ZIP code (used during registration) or registration number to login
  • Enter Validation Code(s) to automatically add the session to the transcript account
  • Complete evaluation(s) for session(s), if applicable (required for credit; General Session and Dedicated Exhibit Hall Time do not have evaluations)
  • Transcript is credited with attendance
  • Download or print transcripts
  • Keep transcript for records (this is the attendee’s responsibility)

If attendees believe their transcript is inaccurate or missing sessions, they can send an email to detailing the items that are inaccurate and/or missing with:

  • Session ID
  • Title
  • Date/Time
  • Detailed explanation of why they believe their transcript is inaccurate. Upon review, the attendee’s record will be manually credited, if warranted.

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An Exclusively Unique Opportunity

FRI is not a firefighter training conference - it is an exclusively unique opportunity for company officers and chief officers (and those that aspire to be). You will not learn how to stretch a line or vent a roof at FRI - but what you WILL learn in various diverse dimensions, is how to successfully LEAD and COMMAND those who do.

– Billy Goldfeder, EFO, Deputy Fire Chief, Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department