FRI Core Education Program

Sampling of this year' s sessions: 

Administration & Human Relations

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Tips 
  • The Cost for Providing Fire and Emergency Services: A Contemporary Approach to Validate and Compare
  • Performance Best Practices in the Recruitment of Highly Qualified Entry-Level Firefighters from Diverse Community

All-Hazards Management 

  • Are You Ready? A Look at Fire Department Resiliency Through GIS Tools  
  • Organizational Considerations for Drone Operations 
  • Using the Hybrid EOC for Smaller Incidents 

Community Risk Reduction & Code Enforcement 

  • Providing Effective Fire Education to the Public: Tools and Shows to Make Your Department a Success 
  • Active Community Risk Reduction Through Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing 
  • Making Your Community Risk Reduction Relevant 

Emergency Medical Services 

  • Creating a Vision for EMS: A New Agenda for the Future 
  • The Top 10 Things Legal Counsel Wants You to Know 
  • What if Mobile Integrated Healthcare is not the Fire Service Holy Grail? 

Emerging Trends & Topics

  • Connected Responders - Vehicle to Vehicle, In-Vechicle, and Wearable Technologies 
  • The Netherlands: Getting Fewer Fires, Fewer Casualties, Less Damage and Loss 
  • Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters 


  • Coaching the Development of Fire Department Leaders 
  • Fire Officers: Your Risk, Your Responsibility, Your Reality  
  • Building a Leadership Development Program 


  • Compressed Air Foam for Structural Firefighting 
  • What Price Glory: A New Path for Interior Attack to Preserve Time Honored Traditions & Include New Science 
  • Fighting Fire with Data 

Safety, Health, & Wellness 

  • Behavioral Health Issues and Solutions in the Fire Service 
  • Everyon Goes Home From Training Too
  • Building a Mentally Resilient Organization: The Role of the Officer

Wicked Problems 

  • The Opioid Epidemic: Considerations for Fire Rescue Agencies
  • Making the Change: An Evidence-Backed Model for Culture Change 
  • Having New Answers to Old Questions: Understanding NFPA 1710, Deployment Theory and Parrots 


Check back for the complete education program.

Speakers Were All Very Professional

FRI Denver was fantastic. It was my first one. The speakers were all very professional and I filled a notebook taking notes.

– Judah Mitchell, Battalion Chief, Santa Monica (CA) Fire Department