FRI Core Education Program

FRI Core Education Explore the complete education program.

Select from 9 different tracks to customize your learning experience to your unqiue needs and responsibilites.

Sampling of this year' s sessions:

  • The Opioid Epidemic: Considerations for Fire Rescue
  • Through the Smoke: What is Killing Us Now and Later
  • Making the Change: An Evidence-Backed Model for Culture Change
  • Ballistic Vests - Do We or Don’t We?
  • Coaching the Development of Fire Service Leaders
  • Blueprint for Success - Building a Strong Volunteer and Combination Department
  • Best Practices win the Recruitment of Highly Qualified Entry-Level Firefighters from a Diverse Community

An Exclusively Unique Opportunity

FRI is not a firefighter training conference - it is an exclusively unique opportunity for company officers and chief officers (and those that aspire to be). You will not learn how to stretch a line or vent a roof at FRI - but what you WILL learn in various diverse dimensions, is how to successfully LEAD and COMMAND those who do.

– Billy Goldfeder, EFO, Deputy Fire Chief, Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department