FRI Core Education Program

Explore the complete education program.

Sampling of this year' s sessions: 

Administration & Human Relations

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Tips 
  • The Cost for Providing Fire and Emergency Services: A Contemporary Approach to Validate and Compare
  • Performance Best Practices in the Recruitment of Highly Qualified Entry-Level Firefighters from Diverse Community

All-Hazards Management 

  • Are You Ready? A Look at Fire Department Resiliency Through GIS Tools  
  • Organizational Considerations for Drone Operations 
  • Using the Hybrid EOC for Smaller Incidents 

Community Risk Reduction & Code Enforcement 

  • Providing Effective Fire Education to the Public: Tools and Shows to Make Your Department a Success 
  • Active Community Risk Reduction Through Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing 
  • Making Your Community Risk Reduction Relevant 

Emergency Medical Services 

  • Creating a Vision for EMS: A New Agenda for the Future 
  • The Top 10 Things Legal Counsel Wants You to Know 
  • What if Mobile Integrated Healthcare is not the Fire Service Holy Grail? 

Emerging Trends & Topics

  • Connected Responders - Vehicle to Vehicle, In-Vechicle, and Wearable Technologies 
  • The Netherlands: Getting Fewer Fires, Fewer Casualties, Less Damage and Loss 
  • Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters 


  • Coaching the Development of Fire Department Leaders 
  • Fire Officers: Your Risk, Your Responsibility, Your Reality  
  • Building a Leadership Development Program 


  • Compressed Air Foam for Structural Firefighting 
  • What Price Glory: A New Path for Interior Attack to Preserve Time Honored Traditions & Include New Science 
  • Fighting Fire with Data 

Safety, Health, & Wellness 

  • Behavioral Health Issues and Solutions in the Fire Service 
  • Everyon Goes Home From Training Too
  • Building a Mentally Resilient Organization: The Role of the Officer

Wicked Problems 

  • The Opioid Epidemic: Considerations for Fire Rescue Agencies
  • Making the Change: An Evidence-Backed Model for Culture Change 
  • Having New Answers to Old Questions: Understanding NFPA 1710, Deployment Theory and Parrots 

A Fresh Perspective in the Fire Service

The FRI conference was amazing. I took away several teaching points for our crews and saw a fresh perspective of the fire service. Although we are steeped in tradition it is refreshing to see so many departments making changes. I look forward to attending this conference again.

– Robert Beam, Paramedic/Firefighter/Acting Captain, Arlington (WA) Fire