Marketing Opportunities

Heighten Visibility and Enhance Business

FRI sponsorships and advertising opportunities are a powerful way to expand your reach, enhance your presence and achieve your marketing goals. There are many ways in which a company can benefit from sponsorship, including:

  • Increased sales
  • Enhanced visibility in the market
  • Greater brand awareness
  • A visible commitment to leadership training

FRI Sponsorships

FRI sponsorships offer opportunities for every budget and marketing goal. FRI sponsors are promoted before, during and after the event to give your company a competitive advantage. Work with our experienced team to develop a custom sponsorship that meets your company's unique goals and objectives.

  • FRI Advertising

    FRI advertising allows companies to gain exposure to a broad market of fire service leaders from around the globe. Whether online, in print or via email, advertising gives you the chance to build brand awareness and recognition amongst this critical segment of the fire service. 

  • IAFCtv

    IAFCtv provides enhanced opportunities to deliver your message through the power of video. Speak directly to your target audience in your own words. Check out the videos on this site and take advantage of this powerful medium to get your message to thousands of fire and emergency service professionals.

FRI Has Something For You

I look forward to FRI every year because it really provides a variety of career development sessions for virtually all ranks and positions in the fire service - especially the Chief Officer and the Company Officer ranks. If you have any aspirations of getting promoted in the fire service or just being the best fire officer you can be, FRI has something for you.

– Steve Prziborowski, Deputy Chief, Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department