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This page contains handouts, slide presentations and other resources for the 2016 Hazmat Conference.

Attendee Survey and Certificates

Hazmat Attendee Survey 

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Session Handouts and Presentations

All materials below are PDF files unless otherwise indicated.


PC02: Is Something Out There?

PC02: No Antidote

PC02: Toxic Gas Sensors

PC02: Calibrate

PC02: Masters of Gas Detection

Breakout Sessions

106: Practical Hazmat Safety

112: Basic Chemistry and Calculations

204: Highway Cargo Tanks for Bulk CNG

205: Response to Railroad Hazmat Incidents

211: CBRNE WMD Sampling

217: The Chemical Hazard Assessment Process

217: Strategic and Tactical Guidance for Rail Incidents Involving Crude Oil Handout

306: MacGyver Gas Detection

312: Safe Intervention Against Gas Cylinders in Fire

312: Safe Intervention Against Gas Cylinders in Fire2

314: HazMat Group Soup

316: Guide to Flash Fire Protective Clothing

406: Joint Forensic Hazmat Operations

407: Introduction to Intermodal Containers

414: ZeroReadings and the Problem with Pentane

415: Understanding Readings

503: Managing the Radiologically Contaminated Patient

509: Large Scale Industrial Chemical Processes

514: Case Study: Underground Petroleum Pipeline Spill Response

606: Patching the Gap

606: Patching the Gap Questions

608: Jack Rabbit II

609: LNG Awareness Training Program

702: Check for Success

705: Grounding & Bonding for First Responders in Hazardous Combustible Situations

Hazmat Sidebar

Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation

The International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference is the premier conference in the United States for hazardous materials responders. This conference offers the most experienced speakers, up-to-date information and the best hands-on training.

– Rick Edinger, Battalion Chief, Chesterfield County (VA) Fire & EMS