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As an exhibitor at the International Hazardous Materials Response Teams conference, we want to make sure you have a positive experience. This page contains all the logistical information you will need to set-up your exhibit.

Hazmat Show Logistics

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With a click of a button, you can manage your online and print company presence. Don't miss out on this important marketing tool. This is how your company will be featured before, during, and after the show online and in the Mobile App.

Show Logistics

Order ALL your show needs: Exhibitor Service Manual (coming Fall 2017)
Rules and Regulations: Download the Hazmat 2018 Rules and Regulations (pdf)
Shipping Details: Quick Facts (coming Fall 2017)
Need Lead Retrieval: Order Form (coming Fall 2017)
Need to order liability insurance? Order Form 
Registering Booth Personnel, Secure Housing, and Make Travel Plans: Registration & Housing 

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