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Providing the Best in Leadership Education

The IAFC provides the most comprehensive leadership education and training for all levels of officers and all aspects of fire and emergency services. The IAFC's expansive education offerings and learning opportunities will enhance your ability to achieve your full potential at any rank or in any specialty area.

Mark your calendars for future WUI conferences:

February 27-March 1, 2018, Reno, NV
March 26-28, 2019, Reno, NV

Check out these other upcoming events:

Labor-Management Alliance
April 5-6, 2018, Denver, CO

The Labor-Management Alliance (LMA) Conference, is an educational opportunity for fire chiefs and union leaders to network with peers and labor-management partners, while gaining valuable knowledge about how to foster and enhance cooperative and collaborative working relationships.

VCOS Symposium in the West
May 3-5, 2018, Phoenix, AZ
May 2-4, 2019, Phoenix, AZ

We've taken what you love about Symposium in the Sun and moved it WEST! Symposium in the West will offer dynamic leadership education and networking specifically designed for volunteer and combination chief officers.

Fire-Rescue Med
June 9-13, 2018, Henderson, NV 
June 8-12, 2019, Henderson, NV

Each spring, Fire-Rescue Med is the conference for fire-based EMS leaders, including new and aspiring chiefs, providing education and training on hiring and retaining EMTs, public and private integration challenges, embracing technology, billing for services, illness prevention programs and more. On the exhibit floor, attendees meet face-to-face with the vendors that provide critical products and services to the EMS community.

International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference 
June 7-10, 2018, Baltimore, MD 
June 20-23, 2019, Baltimore, MD

The IAFC's Hazmat Conference provides the latest classroom, hands-on and field trip-based training on what's new in hazmat, covering all aspects of hazmat, including transportation, safety, WMD, gear, terrorism, mass decontamination, bioterrorism and more. The hazmat exhibit floor includes outdoor demonstrations of hazardous materials gear and equipment.

Fire-Rescue International

August 8-11, 2018, Dallas, TX
August 7-10, 2019, Atlanta, GA

Fire-Rescue International is the fire executives "go to" show.  Each August, thousands of the most prominent fire and emergency service leaders from across North America and around the globe come together for 4 days of learning, networking and collaboration at FRI. FRI education covers all areas of the emergency service: navigating the political environment, managing change, ethical leadership, EMS issues, career development and more. Hundreds of exhibitors showcase the newest fire service innovations in apparatus, technology, equipment, gear and more.

VCOS Symposium in the Sun
November 9-12, 2017, Clearwater Beach, FL 
November 8-11, 2018, Clearwater Beach, FL 

Each fall, the VCOS Symposium addresses the unique needs of volunteer and combination departments including transitioning from a volunteer to a combination department, recruitment and retention, leadership and management, staffing and more.


WUI Gives Me Access

WUI offers an amazing opportunity to work with Chiefs and Fire Management Officers that I would normally not have access to. These individuals were very pleased to speak with me and guide me through discussions at different times during the non-session hours.