Firefighters work to extinguish a wildland fire

Online Attendee Notebook

This page contains handouts, slide presentations and other resources for the 2017 Wildland-Urban Interface Conference.

Attendee Survey and Certificates

Check back at a later date for links for the WUI 2017 Survey and Conference Certificate.

Session Handouts and Presentations

Pre Con Sessions

Community Wildfire Readiness Education (CWRE) for the Fire Service (PDF)

Session 103

Method to our Madness (PDF)

Session 302

Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research (FSTAR) (PDF)

Session 304

Business Outreach and Mitigation, Before, During and After a Wildfire (PDF)

WUI Gives Me Access

WUI offers an amazing opportunity to work with Chiefs and Fire Management Officers that I would normally not have access to. These individuals were very pleased to speak with me and guide me through discussions at different times during the non-session hours.