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Volunteer Workforce Solutions

Partnering with organizations on a local, state and national level, Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) offers fire departments turnkey solutions focused on volunteer and combination systems’ recruitment and retention efforts.

Volunteering within a community is one of the best ways to make a difference; both to yourself and the community in which you serve. Take the challenge and volunteer at your local fire department today! If you are already a volunteer, VWS will work directly with you to reduce your department’s recruitment and retention problems by providing marketing materials, training, and staff support.

Program Support

VWS provides support in the following areas:

  • Leadership support through the development and/or delivery of leadership training and tools focused on the needs of the volunteer fire department.
  • Recruitment and retention support, including development of traditional or cutting-edge recruitment strategies.
  • Department review to identify issues and challenges influencing the recruitment and retention rates of volunteer firefighters.
  • Support for current or future grant funded recruitment and retention projects, including AFG-SAFER recruitment and retention grant proposals.

Program Managment and Funding Oppportunities

IAFC works collaboratively with program sponsors to provide overarching education and manage the day-to-day program activities. VWS assistance and financial support can be funded in a variety of ways depending on the needs and resources on the program sponsor.  Common funding options include:

  • Direct contract with the department or municipality
  • AFG-SAFER recruitment and retention grants
  • Other private or government funding sources

Current Programs

Connecticut Volunteer Workforce Solutions in partnership with the Connecticut Fire Chiefs Association

Virginia Volunteer Workforce Solutions in partnership with the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association

National Volunteer Workforce Solutions in partnership with the International Association for Women in Fire and Emergency Services and the IAFC’s Volunteer and Combination Section

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